eCar Advantages - ECAR Golf
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eCAR Advantages

eCAR Commercial Golf Cars and electric cars offer numerous advantages to other brands. Every electric car that leaves our factory is designed to offer exceptional value in conjunction with outstanding performance and durability.

We’d love to go into detail about all the great reasons to choose eCar Commercial, but let us start with some of our most popular features. Each of the eCars in our range have the following:

  • Built-in independent shock absorbers offering driver and passenger a more enjoyable ride through hilly golf courses or off road terrain
  • Ergonomically designed dashboards
  • USA Design and manufactured Trojan Batteries. Ensures you get the most out of your electric car
  • Originally imported from the USA A.D.C. Motors with 3.7 KW high temperature resistant. Built to work in hot summer days or cold winter nights you need a car that will perform and is reliable.
  • Imported Italian Graziano Transaxle, which produce almost no noise. This truly improves the feel of the cars and creates a smooth and pleasurable ride.
  • High Tensile Steel welded chassis with anti-corrosive & anti-rust performance, built to last.
  • Driver friendly automobile steering system which work with independent suspension

All eCar golf cars are designed with the driver and, where applicable, passengers in mind. From Safety through to performance, each vehicle is crafted to offer comfort, reliability and endurance through almost any conditions. Most of this sounds nice on paper, but wait till you test drive an eCar. Give us a call today or request more information through our contact form.