Golf Cart Parts, Accessories And Their Uses – Part 1

Integral Components of Golf Carts: Tyres and Wheels 

Golf carts are customarily used to transport golfers and their equipment from the tee to the green. Modern golf carts, however, are created with improved designs, transforming these otherwise ordinary vehicles into something versatile and multi functional.
From golf carts that look just like tourist buses, to ones with classic designs, these modern electric vehicles for sale worldwide are not just limited to golf courses. Today, golf carts are used anywhere, from recreational areas, such as parks, concert grounds and hotels; to commercial and industrial facilities, such as ports, warehouses, malls and even gated communities.

Two Integral Components of Golf Carts
Golf carts consist of various parts; each one serving a vital role in maintaining the electric utility vehicle’s functionality, design, appearance and safety. Here are two of the most important components of golf carts along with their types and functions.
Golf cart tyres determine the ability of the vehicle to navigate through different types of terrain. Today’s golf cart tyres come in various sizes and tread patterns. Both of these factors depend on function rather than personal preference. There are three distinct tread pattern groups, namely: turf or street, all-terrain and knobby or off-road.


  • Knobby or Off-Road Tyres – are ideal for wooded areas since they dig through sand and mud. These tyres are ideal for rough or uneven surfaces because their thread pattern is more pronounced. Using this on streets or even surfaces make for a bumpy ride.
  • Turf or Street Tyres – are suitable for grass or smooth paved surfaces. They are typically used in golf courses since they don’t damage the grass as you travel from one hole to the next.
  • All-Terrain Tyres – are made with smoother tread patterns than those on knobby tyres, but also much more aggressive ones than those found on standard turf tyres. These all-around type of tyres can be used in various situations.
  • Tread patterns are available in a variety of sizes, though a standard golf cart tyre measures 18 x 8.50 X 8. This means that 18” is the diameter of the tyre, 8.50” is the width at the tread and 8” is the diameter of the wheel.

Tyres are useless without wheels to which they are attached. Typically, the wheels of these electric utility vehicles are made from steel or aluminium. They come in different types of finishes, such as the following:

  • Chrome – This is the most popular and most expensive type of finish. It gives a golf cart wheel a mirror like finish, and is also easy to clean.
  • Machined – A machined golf cart wheel is the most economical type of finish. It is essentially a wheel with no finish. Applying a coating or a coloured paint will ensure that the wheel becomes durable since without it the raw material may discolour.
  • Polished – A high quality polished golf cart wheel has a mirror like finish without the hefty price of a chrome wheel. Usually, no paint or coating is applied to the wheel to keep it looking shiny.

Wheels and tyres are two important components of an electric golf buggy or cart. In our next article, we will tackle the other important components, such as batteries and other essential accessories, including dash covers, windshields and more.