Golf Cart Parts, Accessories And Their Uses – Part 2

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ the Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle once said. This saying echoes our vision, and that is: ‘to produce top-of-the-line electric vehicles for saleAustralia-wide using durable, high quality electrical and mechanical components.’ At eCAR Commercial, we believe that for an industrial electric vehicle to function at its best, it should be made up of top-grade golf cart parts and accessories, and assembled with quality and safety in mind. All golf cart accessories and parts designed by eCAR have important roles to play to maintain our electric vehicles’ functionality and appearance. In our previous article we...

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Golf Cart Parts, Accessories And Their Uses – Part 1

Integral Components of Golf Carts: Tyres and Wheels Golf carts are customarily used to transport golfers and their equipment from the tee to the green. Modern golf carts, however, are created with improved designs, transforming these otherwise ordinary vehicles into something versatile and multi functional.From golf carts that look just like tourist buses, to ones with classic designs, these modern electric vehicles for sale worldwide are not just limited to golf courses. Today, golf carts are used anywhere, from recreational areas, such as parks, concert grounds and hotels; to commercial and industrial facilities, such as ports, warehouses, malls and even gated...

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