ECAR LT-A627.2.H8 2 Seat Utility Cart - ECAR Golf
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ECAR LT-A627.2.H8 2 Seat Utility Cart

ECAR LT-A627.2.H8 2 Seat Utility Cart

Starting from: $14,990

INTRODUCING THE ECAR LT-A627.2.H8 2 Seat Utility Cart

The ECAR Industrial Utility is a long wheelbase cargo carrier featuring a robust aluminium cargo bed measuring L-1800mm x. W-1086mm. The cargo bed has a payload capacity of 450kg. The cargo bed does not extend beyond the width of the vehicle enhancing maneuverability in tight spaces. An ideal general purpose workhorse on-course, in parks & gardens, theme parks, wineries, industrial estates and sporting complexes.

Package Inclusions:

  • Full Lighting Kit, Indicators & Horn
  • Front basket
  • LVTONG 25amp battery charger
  • Wing mirrors
  • Maintenance free batteries
  • 4.0kw AC Motor
  • Split windscreen
  • Toyota Controller
  • Matching coloured roof
  • Amber Security Light
  • Fabric seat cover set
  • Rain covers fitted
  • 10″ MAG wheels
  • Hydraulic Tipper
  • USB port on dash
  • Seatbelts


Based on advanced German engineering and design all e-car models feature the industry’s leading U.S.A. and European brand electrical and mechanical components and are backed by an exceptional warranty.

  • 5 years on the chassis,
  • 3 years on electrical and mechanical components
  • 2 years on batteries.

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