10 Tips for Golf Cart Maintenance

10 Tips for Golf Cart Maintenance

10 Tips for Golf Cart Maintenance

Maintaining your precious golf cart is not rocket science. We have listed some 10 essential tips for golf cart maintenance. All it requires is a small investment of your time, money and patience which will help prevent any potential headaches or major issues with your cart ensuring a long happy life for it.

#1 Keeping your cart sparkling clean

One of the most basic guidelines is to keep the cart sparkling clean! Get it out of the garage and wash it properly. You can hire a golf cart cleaning service provider or just DIY! Some golf cart owners may be nervous to spray a cleaning agent on the batteries. All you need to do is take good care that it doesn't reach any electrical parts.

#2 Keeping the batteries clean

These batteries are the reason why your golf cart runs smoothly. If you find that there is any corrosion formation, use a hose to get it wet.

Secondly, you can also use baking soda and a toothbrush to clean the batteries. This works like a charm!

#3 Check the water level every month

Older carts need more water. It is advisable to check the water level every month. If your car is older (say 3 years or more), then check the water level every 2-3 weeks. Fill the batteries with treated or distilled water.

#4 Charging the cart

After every 18-hole round of golf, put your cart on charge straight away. Never let it run out of charge. 18-holes means approximately 7 miles. When your cart is charging, the charger will be too hot to touch and it may take about 18 hours to fully charge.

#5 Ensuring Accurate Tire Pressure

Dot rated tires have a maximum of 35 psi pressure. Turf tires normally around 22 psi pressure. With correct tire pressure, your cart will have extended battery life, smooth steering and will help to prevent any major issues from occurring.

#6 Greasing

Greasing the different parts of the cart is recommended to keep it in top condition.

#7 Tighten up the screws and bolts

Before the cart hits the golf area, check & tighten up the screws and bolts. You must check this on a regular basis. Often when you or an expert perform an analysis/inspection of the cart, you will find that certain bolts and screws need tightening.

#8 Regular Servicing

You must hire an expert to do regular servicing. Just like our kids and other family members or your car need to go in for regular check-ups, your golf cart needs servicing too. Regular complete analysis and inspection of the golf cart is highly recommended.

#9 A Quick Look at the Battery Cables

Are the battery cables tight and in place? If not, then you must ensure that the connections are tight enough. If there is a loose connection, the battery may burn up. Accidents are waiting to happen and you must ensure that the cart is in perfect shape.

#10 Charging the cart every 30 days

In hot weather conditions, the cart may lose its charge while it is in storage. It is recommended to charge the battery every 30 days. Do not let the cart sit in storage without any charge! It should be regularly charged for at least 8 hours.

Takeaway Advice

We hope that this post helped you to understand the basics of golf cart maintenance. Taking care of the cart is a necessary part of owning a cart. 

If you have any questions about anything related to the servicing of your golf cart then please get in touch! We are always happy to help.