Welcome to ECAR Golf

A now globally recognised brand known for its high-quality commercial and golfing electric carts. We proudly serve customers through an unmatched dealership network across Australia, the South Pacific, and the UAE regions.

Founded in Queensland, Australia, in 2005, ECAR has rapidly grown into one of the most reputable names in the electric golf cart industry. Our product range, known for its stability and reliability, is the result of over 19 years of experience in cart manufacturing. This extensive background has allowed us to refine our vehicles continually, ensuring mechanical reliability and aesthetic appeal. We offer a full catalogue of locally supported parts in all regions, accessible customer service, and the most cost-effective packages on the market. Our commitment is to provide practical yet stylish solutions, catering to not only golf enthusiasts but also a wide range of businesses and industries worldwide.

Our electric carts are distinguished by several key features: they are fully compliant and certified with integrated Lithium Options that exceed basic certification standards. We incorporate premium Toyota and ECAR AC controllers, industry-proven AC brushless motors, robust hydraulic braking systems, and Graziano spine-less transaxles. The fusion of automotive thinking with European engineering practices makes our ECAR electric carts both practical and comfortable. The standard range is equipped with indicators, horns, and lighting kits, ensuring easy compliance with local government regulations. Additionally, our selection of colours adds an extra appeal to our carts, making them a top choice for various applications.

At ECAR Golf, we promise reliability and modernity. Our carts are designed to consistently deliver quality and contemporary appeal, ensuring you always drive with confidence. Our brand will continue to be seen on the course and in the workplace long into the future. 

Support and After Sales

Choosing ECAR means choosing support. As locals with firsthand experience working on our carts, we understand your needs and ensure you have the parts you require to minimize downtime. With a comprehensive catalogue of spare parts and accessories stocked in QLD, Australia, and commonly needed parts readily available through our dealer network, we've got you covered for both technical assistance and parts supply.

Our registered technicians, accessible Australia-wide and internationally, are just a call or an email away. We prioritise swift responses, aiming to reply ASAP within Australia or at most within the day for our international enquiries. Our extensive dealer network isn't just for sales; it's also home to skilled technicians trained and supported by ECAR, ready to service and repair any of our models. Reach out to us directly if you are ever unsure about a service or repair on an ECAR and we can assist you further because we have the answers. 

ECAR Locations

Currently our ECAR range is supplied throughout Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and the South Pacific Islands, the Middle East and parts of Asia. To receive additional information on our great value range of golf carts and golf cart accessories please contact our friendly team.