PRO-Li Lithium Battery System

NEW 2024 ECAR PRO-Li Lithium Battery Packages are now available in all 48V ECAR Model Golf Carts - as of 1 May 2024.

PRO-Li (pronounced “pro-lie”).



After many years of ECAR working with various partnered brands of Lithium Batteries across our national and international dealer network, ECAR has gathered enough data and expertise to develop and launch our very own range of ECAR Lithium Batteries.

The process, which has taken over 2 years, is not merely a rebranded OEM product; it is unique to the ECAR brand globally. As such, ECAR is extremely proud to be a market leader, offering and supporting every component of our carts, from the chassis to the battery system. This PRO-Li battery package has been designed to work seamlessly with the ECAR proprietary electrical system, which will eliminate any chance of glitches or software bugs. We are able to identify the requirements of our carts and set parameter limits and set failsafes in our software to optimise efficiency, reliability and longevity. Every step we have taken to develop this battery system has abided by the most current Australian standards. In doing so we have been able to pass the recognised testing and obtain the required certificates. This ensures you peace of mind and guarantees our manufacturers compliance with any golf club, workplace, or facility.

All ECAR PRO-Li batteries use only our a-grade Lithium Cells encased in our IP67 certified case to eliminate any risk of explosion and fire. Our charging time of 3 - 4.5hrs means optimal energy is stored in each charging cycle while keeping a very safe, low cell temperature. ECAR PRO-Li products do not compromise battery health and are built to provide an ultra-long cycle life of up to 10 years of use.

Any ECAR model cart sold with an ECAR PRO-Li Battery Package is now backed under the one New Cart Warranty policy, which now includes (regardless of Commercial or Personal use):
- 5 Years unlimited kilometre on the PRO-Li Lithium Battery
- 3 Years on the PRO-Li Lithium Charger

Any component of the PRO-Li battery system will be repaired and/or replaced based on a case-by-case basis. This will ensure your cart is back in working order as quickly as possible.