Eco Benefits of Using a Golf Cart – Saving the Planet One Cart at a Time

Eco Benefits of Using a Golf Cart – Saving the Planet One Cart at a Time

Eco Benefits of Using a Golf Cart Saving the Planet One Cart at a Time

Let’s face it, golf carts are awesome. No matter what age you are or how many carts you have driven, driving a golf cart is always fun. While driving a cart around the golf course, parking lot, on a tour, or elsewhere is a blast, electric golf carts provide major environmental benefits.

Compared to their gas guzzling cousins, electric golf carts provide high quality performance, typically at lower prices, and without having the damaging effects on the environment. Let’s take a look at the eco-benefits of buying electric carts.

Primary Benefits

While there are a number of reasons to choose an electric cart over petrol, the primary reasons are pollution, noise, and cost.


Caring for the environment and the world around us is truly a global responsibility. Despite our differences we all must live on the same earth. Visionaries like Elon Musk understand that in order to continue to enjoy the beauty of the world around us we need to reduce pollution and hazardous emissions, especially those produced by gas engines.

Unlike gas engines, electric carts produce no harmful emissions and contribute to international energy security by consuming no petroleum per mile driven. With no engine, no gas tank, and no exhaust, they’re considered to be zero-emissions vehicles. As a result, greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated resulting in cleaner, healthier golf courses, public areas, parks and more.

Conversely, gas-powered carts run on traditional fuel and produce environmentally harmful carbon monoxide emissions. During the combustion of the engine a chemical reaction occurs which separates the carbon and hydrogen. When the carbon combines with oxygen it creates carbon monoxide. Most people are unaware of how much carbon monoxide a gallon of gasoline can actually produce. In fact, one gallon of gas can actually produce 20lbs of carbon monoxide.

Aside from the emissions, gas-powered golf carts can emit a smell of gasoline when garaged in smaller areas and are not permitted in indoor areas.

When it comes to protecting the environment, gas golf carts cannot hold a candle to electric carts.

Noise Pollution

Electric carts are whisper-quiet, producing almost no sound, whereas gas carts are very noisy and contribute significantly to noise pollution. In fact, many residential areas and golf courses have banned gas carts simply because of the noise pollution.


In general, electric carts are cheaper to operate than petrol-powered carts. With petrol carts, you are at the mercy of oil prices, whereas with electric carts you only have to pay $.02 to $.04 per kilometre. So, if you are interested in saving money, electric carts are the way to go.


The environmental benefits of owning an electric golf cart are overwhelming. As the global community continues to try to reduce the devastating effects that carbon monoxide has on the environment, we can do our part (and save our own money) by choosing electric over gas-powered carts