Golf Cart Parts, Accessories And Their Uses – Part 2

‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,’ the Greek philosopher and scientist, Aristotle once said.

This saying echoes our vision, and that is: ‘to produce top-of-the-line electric vehicles for saleAustralia-wide using durable, high quality electrical and mechanical components.’

At eCAR Commercial, we believe that for an industrial electric vehicle to function at its best, it should be made up of top-grade golf cart parts and accessories, and assembled with quality and safety in mind. All golf cart accessories and parts designed by eCAR have important roles to play to maintain our electric vehicles’ functionality and appearance.

In our previous article we tackled two integral parts of industrial electric vehicles, namely, tyres and wheels. This time, let’s take a closer look at other important components of electric golf carts: batteries and raw materials.


Batteries function as the heart of a modern, electric golf cart. These batteries come in 24-, 36-, 48- and 72- volt models. The weight (load) and the speed of the electric golf cart affects the battery performance. Navigating through uneven surfaces, rough terrain or climbing a slope with a heavy load can be taxing on the batteries compared with driving through grass or smooth and even surfaces.

Raw Materials

The frames of golf carts are commonly made up of rods, tubing and steel plates. The bodies may consist of aluminium and titanium. Aluminium is lightweight, rust-resistant and flexible, and has an excellent strength quality. Using aluminium will make the golf cart easy to move or navigate; however, with its soft finish, aluminium may easily get dented. Titanium, on the other hand, can withstand the rigours of traversing through rough terrain since this metal is more durable than aluminium. It’s also shock-absorbing, rust-resistant and lighter than stainless steel. Some frames and bodies of golf buggies are made up of fibreglass and stainless steel as well.

An electric golf cart consists of various parts; each one assembled to create a reliable and durable motorised vehicle. The batteries and raw materials for the body are just two of the many integral parts and accessories needed to create a versatile and functional electric golf cart.

When it comes to finding the right eco-friendly electric golf carts that suit your requirements, contact us at eCAR Commercial. We have a wide range of electric utility vehicles and <a style=”color: #39b549″ href=”#”>golf buggies</a> for sale Australia-wide that are ideal for most applications, from residential to commercial and industrial purposes. We also stock a full range of golf cart parts and golf cart accessories that we can deliver to your area, quickly and efficiently.