ECAR LT-A627.HS3 Medical Ambulance Golf Cart

Sale price From $19,490.00
Battery: Certified and ECAR approved RoyPow 100Ah Lithium System

Introducing the ECAR LT-A627.HS3 Medical Ambulance Golf Cart

The ECAR LT-A627.HS3 Golf Cart is the best value and most equipped ambulance/medical quick response golf cart in Australia. Designed to meet the needs of hotels, resorts, leisure parks, medical and aged care facilities, as well as sporting stadiums and local sports clubs. This vehicle comes with everything shown in the photo and is a reliable and efficient, low-impact and low maintenance solution.

Efficient and Reliable Medical Transport This long-wheelbase cart features a hospital-grade, wheeled, and collapsible stretcher bed, a rear-facing carer's seat, and a medical box to carry equipment and essential supplies. The stretcher bed includes a fold-down patient fence and has locking mechanisms to secure the bed during transport, ensuring patient safety. Specific extras such as tie-downs or medical-specific mounts such as those for defibrillators can be made available through our national commercial dealer. Please contact us with any additional requirements as we will do our best to equip this model to suit your specific needs. 

Standard Features Include:

  • Speedometer, State of Charge Meter, and Odometer in one digital dash screen
  • Seat belts for the driver and the carer's seat
  • Front Windshield Mounted Tidy Basket
  • Front powder-coated steel bull bar
  • Stretcher Bay with Drop-Down Side Rails
  • Hospital Grade Collapsible Stretcher Bed on Wheels
  • Medical Box for storing bandages and all your small medical supplies
  • Rear-Facing Carer's Seat

Optional Extras (Additional Costs Apply):

  • Australian-made Custom All-Weather Enclosures (Dealer-specific options)
  • Roof-Mounted Flashing Amber Safety Light
  • Lithium Capacity Upgrades (Dealer-specific options)
  • Tow Bar and 50mm Tow Ball with a towing capacity of up to 350kg

Experience superior medical transport with the ECAR LT-A627.HS3, designed to be the most equipped, quick response medical golf cart on the market today. 

Outstanding Specifications and Exceptional Warranty

Having been in Australia for over 19 years now, we are known for supporting the cart in which we sell. All ECAR models are engineered according the global golf cart standards which is recognised throughout Australia. All models feature industry leading components and are backed by an exceptional local Australian warranty.

  • 2 Years on Chassis
  • 2 Years on Electrical and Mechanical Components
  • 5 Years on Lithium Battery (Dealer specific lithium battery warranty policy applies)

An ECAR guarantee means you will receive the largest dealer network support in the country with professional and prompt assistance. All spare parts are stocked by authorised dealers or ECAR's own warehouse in QLD. If we don't have a particular part in stock, it will be immediately ordered and shipped in the most efficient manor, without delay.

For technical support all our dealers are thoroughly trained to fix even the most complex problem. ECAR is also available to asnwer any technical questions that need answers. After 19 years it is safe to say we understand and know our carts.