ECAR LT-S2.B.HX - Heavy Duty Closed Cart

Sale price From $25,990.00
Battery: Standard

Introducing the ECAR LT-S2.B.HX S-SERIES Heavy Duty Enclosed Utility-72 Volt AC Cart

Designed for resorts, theme parks, nature parks and gardens, hotels and airports. Anywhere a quiet, practical and efficient form of the electric utility is required.

The ECAR S-Series 2 Seat B.HX - Heavy Duty Enclosed model has a range of up to 100klm and a load capacity of 1000kg fitted standard with a full light kit, hydraulic brakes, indicators & horn, windscreen and wiper, U.V. resistant metallic paint finish, mag wheels and two large side mounted rear view mirrors.

Outstanding Specifications and Exceptional Warranty

Having been in Australia for over 19 years now, we are known for supporting the cart in which we sell. All ECAR models are engineered according the global golf cart standards which is recognised throughout Australia. All models feature industry leading components and are backed by an exceptional local Australian warranty.

  • 2 Years on Chassis
  • 2 Years on Electrical and Mechanical Components
  • 5 Years on Lithium Battery (Dealer specific lithium battery warranty policy applies)

An ECAR guarantee means you will receive the largest dealer network support in the country with professional and prompt assistance. All spare parts are stocked by authorised dealers or ECAR's own warehouse in QLD. If we don't have a particular part in stock, it will be immediately ordered and shipped in the most efficient manor, without delay.

For technical support all our dealers are thoroughly trained to fix even the most complex problem. ECAR is also available to asnwer any technical questions that need answers. After 19 years it is safe to say we understand and know our carts.