ECAR PRO-Li Core 105Ah Lithium Battery System

Sale price From $3,499.00

Introducing the all new ECAR PRO-Li Core 105Ah Lithium Battery System.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any new or existing 48V model ECAR golf cart. The Core 105Ah package is suitable for both personal and commercial use in low-medium demand environments. With this Core package specifically designed to match the demands of our carts you will be able to complete any golf game or task without worrying about reliability.

Using only our a-grade lithium cells you can expect up to a 10-year lifespan in ideal conditions. This equates to up to 3500 charge cycles. You will comfortably be able to charge your cart once a day for 365 days of the year and not be convinced you are reducing this lifespan.

Checking your battery can also be done with ease thanks to ECAR’s very own iOS and Android mobile application (launching 3 June 2024). All ECAR PRO-Li batteries are Bluetooth LOW-E enabled so you can easily check your cell health and battery vitals.
Our matched RCM-certified onboard lithium charger is directly connected to the Lithium battery BMS to provide pre and post-charge cycle safety checks. When the charging cord is plugged in and powered on, the charger will complete the first of these checks, begin charging until the optimal energy level is obtained in the cells and automatically turn itself off. Your battery will not continue charging, even with the power turned on, it is sitting in standby only.

Due to the direct BMS connection we have developed a vacation mode. This will only ever be experienced if one of our PRO-Li battery systems if the cart is turned off and dormant for a number of weeks at a time. The battery BMS is monitoring the cells 24/7 365 days of the year. When this systems detects the cells have depleted below a set voltage, it will send a wake-up signal to the charger to commence a pre-charge safety check and then a charge cycle. This feature is unique to ECAR PRO-Li batteries and even when your cart is not in use, your battery is maintaining its health.

Why choose an ECAR PRO-Li Lithium Battery:
  • Ideally weighted for good cart balance and handling.
  • Maintenance-free - No cleaning battery acid, no damaged flooring. Routinely keep the box dust-free.
  • Long life - up to 3500 Charge cycles in ideal conditions (25oC, >30% SOC).
  • Matched to all 48V ECAR Golf Carts to ensure optimal reliability.
  • Onboard safe charging - zero risk of fire or explosion with our matched charging system.
  • Golf Course & Workplace compliant - ECAR Golf can provide letters of manufacturers approval for compliance.
  • Fully Certified & Tested under IEC 62619:2022, UL1642 for guaranteed safety and UN38.4 & UN3480 for safe transport.
  • Bluetooth enabled iOS & Android mobile application for more thorough checking of the battery vitals. Approved technicians will also have level 2 access deeper into the BMS to assist identifying any problems that arise over the life of the battery or if we release any new features in the next 10 years.
This PRO-Li Lithium Battery system includes the following items:
  • Core 105Ah Battery - Encased in a 3-stage powder coated steel IP67 certified box.
  • Lithium PRO-Li Battery Charger - mounted onboard the cart for easy use.
  • Lithium programmed Dash - a new dash is provided that is pre-programmed to correctly display the lithium battery information.
Lithium Battery Care & Maintenance:
  • If cleaning the battery installation with a hose, only use a gentle stream to ensure you don’t externally bridge water between the positive and negative terminals located on the side of the battery. In the event this accidentally does happen, the battery BMS will detect a short circuit and attempt to protect the installation from failure. An error will log inside the battery. Batteries can contain a lot of energy so always take caution when working in or around them.
  • Routinely check the battery terminals are tight. Loose battery terminals can cause heat and lead to a failure of the system.
  • As a minimum, charge the battery after every full day's use. This will not reduce the lifespan of the battery. By not maintaining the batteries state of charge to ideally above 50% (min. >30% SOC) you will potentially shorten the batteries life span.

Outstanding Specifications and Exceptional Warranty

Having been in Australia for over 19 years now, we are known for supporting the cart in which we sell. All ECAR models are engineered according the global golf cart standards which is recognised throughout Australia. All models feature industry leading components and are backed by an exceptional local Australian warranty.

  • 2 Years on Chassis
  • 2 Years on Electrical and Mechanical Components
  • 5 Years on Lithium Battery (Dealer specific lithium battery warranty policy applies)

An ECAR guarantee means you will receive the largest dealer network support in the country with professional and prompt assistance. All spare parts are stocked by authorised dealers or ECAR's own warehouse in QLD. If we don't have a particular part in stock, it will be immediately ordered and shipped in the most efficient manor, without delay.

For technical support all our dealers are thoroughly trained to fix even the most complex problem. ECAR is also available to asnwer any technical questions that need answers. After 19 years it is safe to say we understand and know our carts.